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Vacancy Early Years (PAUD) Educator @Green School

SUMMARY of ROLE: Early Years Educator

Looking for an experienced, passionate Early Year’s (PAUD) educator able to plan and guide children’s learning through communication, project and thematic based experiences; implement relationship development skills programming; ensure meaningful interactions with their environment; develop creative play opportunities,  literacy foundations, numeracy foundations; and implement creative ways to help students build the foundational skills they need for life.  The ability to deeply integrate Indonesian culture and language is required.   Specialists in Kindergarten teaching are prioritized.

  • This position prioritizes Indonesian applications due to government requirements.
  • Must hold at least a Bachelor degree in the field of Early Years Education or Psychology- and be teaching in that field.
  • Be able to monitor, assess, record and report student learning outcomes, applying comprehensive systems of authentic assessment and reporting in relation to student attainment of skills, goals, that are holistic in nature and inclusive.
  • This position requires integration of skill development, values and wellbeing programmes.


  • Minimum of five years of post-qualification teaching (or work in the specific area of the role applied for).  Experience with an internationally used and recognised curriculum preferred.
  • Prior experience in supporting and mentoring other educators, a role-model for colleagues in the country(ies) where you have worked.
  • Must have a high level of English proficiency, though native fluency is not required.  (If not a native speaker of English, then presentation of IELTS and TOEFL examination scores in the application process is helpful.)
  • Prior expatriate teaching or working experience preferred with evidence of cultural integration, competency, and language acquisition.
  • Should have experience and skills in using and explaining holistic or other non-traditional curriculum models and how that relates to curriculum development, overall class planning and an individual child’s’ development in that context across the learning experiences.
  • Can provide evidence of positive, professional communications and conflict management resolution skills and resiliencies (through written and verbal communication skills).


Successful candidates will show a high level of competency in the following areas:

  • Resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Show evidence of exemplary strategies and techniques that meet the needs of individual students, groups, and/or classes/groups of students in a highly responsive and inclusive manner.
  • Have strong, creative and optimistic ideas and implementation strategies for Behavior Management.
  • Must be able to reflect critically upon professional experiences in order to enhance professional effectiveness, contribute to the development of a learning community, as well as engage in a variety of professional learning activities that promote and/or enhance the development of that learning community.
  • Participate in curriculum development and/or programme teamwork, and provide leadership in the school by assuming a key role in school development processes.
  • Establish partnerships with students, colleagues, parents, as well as facilitate teamwork within the school community to support student learning.
  • Show an optimistic attitude toward parent engagement and interaction.


  • Must be able to pass a HIV test (Legally required).
  • Must not have any previous criminal convictions (Legally required).
  • Cannot have any prior Child Protection concerns on file at previous schools or places of employment.
  • Must be able to provide an original copy of certifications, transcripts, diploma and/or degrees (Legally required).
  • Any successful candidate must be willing to learn and communicate in Bahasa Indonesia.


  • Practice and help invent progressive education with a purpose, while enjoying the freedom and independence to engage in new learning methods, projects and experiment with your ideas.
  • Be a member of an inspirational and intellectual environment that money can’t buy.
  • Up your game through peer training, exposure to hugely inspirational visitors and community members, and a formal professional development programme focusing on education for sustainability.
  • Earn an appropriate salary, health insurance and other benefits.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; Green School Bali respects and encourages diversity and is an equal opportunity working environment.   Green School is a Child Protection school and conducts rigorous background checks before hiring any individual.  All positions of employment are dependent on comprehensive criminal and professional background checks.

Thank you to all applicants for your interest in Green School.

If you have any questions, please email our Teacher Wellbeing Manager: Sanne VanOort (

Closing Date: when the position is filled / Start Date: 30 July

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