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Lowongan Kerja GOCAR Gianyar

Lowongan Kerja GOCAR

Bergabung bersama GOCAR Gianyar, dapatkan BONUS hingga RP.550.000 setiap harinya.

Dapatkan Bonus di awal gabung Rp.300.000 (selesaikan 20 order di minggu pertama/7hari gabung)


  1. KTP Aktif
  2. SIM yang masih berlaku
  3. STNK mobil aktif
  4. SKCK yang masih berlaku
  5. Asuransi mobil yang masih berlaku

Daftar online:

atau WA 081246882538

Jl. By Pass Dharma Giri No. 9 Gianyar (Sebelah ADIRA FINANCE)

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Are you a freelancer or part time worker?

Freelancer in Bali

Hello freelancer and part time worker fellas in Bali!


You are invited to list your profile/services in our directory to open more opportunity for you to get more jobs. Don’t worry.. it’s free!

Why you should list your profile in our directory?
Our directory help you to connect with industries/people who needs services from freelancer or part time worker who resides in Bali.
Once they find your profile and interested in your service, it most likely they will contact you directly trough email/phone number which have been specified on your profile.
Thus writing a clear, professional and appealing biographical info is important to get more attention and increase the possibility to get more jobs.

What kind of data you should provide to us to be listed in our directory?
1. Your Name. Either it is your full name or your nick name, both are important for people to identify you.

2. Your contact details: either your phone number or email address. Please provide at least one, so that people can easily reach you. Note: please make sure your email address is active and you open it often to provide prompt response to people who contact you.

3. Profile Photo. Please provide a good quality photo. Profile photos can’t be deceptive, misleading or infringe on anyone’s copyright. Remember, you want to get jobs, it is very important to be honest by providing your own photo. Any photo submitted that contains harassment, lewdness, and other displays of bigotry will be rejected.

4. Biographical Info. Please provide a short resume of your expertise and experience.

5. Portfolio if available. If you have had worked on some projects in the past, don’t be shy to list them all. But please be honest, again.. don’t mislead or infringe on anyone’s copyright.

6. That’s all! So, what are you waiting for? Click here to proceed It’s free..

Why the membership is free?

Yes, it is free.. because we love to help people.. as simple as that 🙂

Freelancer in Bali - Daftar Kerja Freelance

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Find Freelancer or Part Time Worker in Bali

Find Freelancer in Bali

The need of freelancer for a special task or for a short time project in Bali is quite increasing today. Some employers consider to hire freelancer to cut their employment budget, so that they can invest more in other things. Some others prefer to hire freelancer since lack of experts to handle a specific job.

We received many requests asking us to find freelancer or part time worker for a specific work or needs. To answer the need we decided to create a directory of freelancer in Bali offering various skill categories that you can choose at anytime.

Visit the Freelancer Directory in this website to find the service you need. Choose the services from professional, skillful, and experienced self-employed persons that lives in Bali. Once you find the person you need, you can contact him/her directly.