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Bali Donation - Charity or Nyoman Sukri - Freelancer in Bali
I Need More : Rp.5.500.000 any body can help please ..
My name is Nyoman Sukri was born in a poor family, and lived high up the Bali Agung volcano in a remote village. I was married at 19 years old with low social status, I have two daughters, 6 years old and 2 years old. I lived with my husband in the middle of a forest in a small place, where my husband came from. After the second child was born about 2 years ago, my belly suffering began. A doctor called it ovarian cyst, and advised surgery. We didn’t have the money for me!
My marriage went badly. About 7 months ago my husband left and never returned. I only live with my youngest child who is 2 years old, while my eldest was taken by my mother-in-law. Unfortunately again, a month ago my stomach began to grow more, because of the cyst that I suffered. After one week my belly grew larger and larger, like I was far pregnant. I could no longer work laboring in the fields because of it.
In this bad condition, I was embarrassed to go home to my parents. But soon I had too much pain and no food, so finally decided to go to their house with the youngest child on foot inthe mountain. On the way to my parents’ house, I couldn’t continue walking the long journey, and laid limp in a village shack, owned by local villagers.
There I am with my youngest child. I had not eaten a whole day. In the village, some people felt sorry for my situation, and gave me some rice with salt.
After 10 days passed, a resident asked me about who and where I came from. Soon a few moments later I was picked up by my family. With joy and emotion, I am very grateful to be able to meet my family again.
A week later, our area had to be evacuated because the volcano was close to erupting. The YKPA Foundation came with their car, bringing food and clothing to the poor, but then started helping children who needed to leave for emergency Denpasar. I stayed there 10 days with fevers, and I needed many transfusions to get stable. Then, the Foundation took me to their home. A day later, I needed to return to the hospital because of more fevers and weak. Again I needed transfusions. The plan now is to get my blood level high enough to get surgery for my cyst. I don’t know what after that. I am alone, with no work, no money, no belongings, none of my children anymore, and no ID card…so no medical insurance care. I am alone but for the kindness of the Foundation people.

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