• About Us

  • Freelancer Bali for Data Entry, Website Development, Graphic Design, and Photo Editing

  • We are freelancer Bali, we are working from home

  • We really love working from home. Working freelance makes it easy for us to work our way best. We only work on projects that are related to what we are specializing in, therefore we don’t get distracted by other areas of work. As trusted freelancer in Bali, we deliver our services mostly to tourism industries (hotels, villas, spas, restaurants, travel agencies). It doesn't mean we cannot work with other industries, we are available to work with any individual/company from all industries to help them fulfill their need for a website.

  • Why choose us?

  • We proud to offer a personalized service that focus to the quality of our work. That means we have to limit the number of new clients we allow ourselves to work with. We know this limits our earnings. In the other side, we can offer an unrivaled level of personalized service with measurable results. We'd rather do that than let the quality of our work suffer.

    You should work with a team like this who is dedicated to provide you with results.

    You will not find Contact Us form in this website. We do not provide a form to contact us in order to get more personal in touch with our potential clients.