Bali volcano refugees - photo by Humas Karangasem

Donate for Bali Volcano “Mt Agung” Evacuees

Donate for Bali Volcano Evacuees

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Or proceed via bank transfer trough the official Bank Account dedicated for collecting donation for Mt Agung evacuees:

Donation for Bali volcano refugees - Official Government Bank Account

Bank Name: PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali 

Account Name: Peduli Gunung Agung Karangasem

Account Number: 022 02.02.44480-8

Address: Jl Ngurah Rai Karangasem



The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) reported that deep volcanic activity of Bali volcano increasingly from 427 tremors to 563 tremors in one day (from 19th to 20th). On 21st they recorded 592 deep volcanic quakes, and slightly drop on the next day. The alert level for Mt Agung is now at level IV (Red – Awas). Although sign of the volcano erupting are not yet visible, thousands have been evacuated.

Bali Gunung Agung volcano

82.825 people evacuate to 445 evacuation sites as recorded by the Local Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD Bali) on 26th September 2017. Due to the highest level of alert of Mt Agung, authorities still urging inhabitants to move out from danger areas. Furthermore, nobody allowed to do any kind of activities within a 9 km radius from the crater.


Bali volcano refugees - photo by Humas Karangasem

There are 7 regencies near Gunung Agung that accommodate the evacuees; Kabupaten Badung 18 camps (4,319), Kabupaten Bangli 38 camps (5,076), Kabupaten Buleleng 24 camps (8.518), Kabupaten Denpasar 31 camps (2,962), Kabupaten Gianyar 13 camps (1,011), Kabupaten Jembrana 29 camps (514), Kabupaten Karangasem 112 camps (39,889), Kabupaten Klungkung 162 camps (19,456), and Kabupaten Tabanan 18 camps (1,080). BPBD Bali predicted that the number of evacuees seems like increasing.

Most of evacuees have to sell their cattle at 50% loss due to leaving home urgently. It was the only choice rather than have nothing at all. They leave home with sadness and fear. Some of them did not manage to save their livestock on the eve of their evacuation night.

Bali Evacuees Escorting Livestock - Photo: Humas Karangasem

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Please donate to help evacuees in Bali

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. All donations will be transparently delivered to Puskor Hindunesia (local NGO that have direct access to all evacuation sites) to support our government and volunteers in providing life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes (food, blankets, jackets, masks, carpets, tents, sanitary, first aids, medicines, diapers, baby’s need, toys, etc).

Either you donate trough PayPal or via Bank Transfer, your contribution is really a great help for these people.

Donate for Bali Volcano Refugees - PayPal

Donation for Bali volcano refugees - Official Government Bank Account

Total donation received by Puskor Hindunesia is transparently reported in this link

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