Living Alone in an old hut, 68 Years Old Nengah Bunter Needs Help

Ibu Nengah Bunter (68 Years Old) living alone in her old hut at Dusun Apit Yeh, Manggis, Karangasem. She has no family, she didn’t get married.. Her close relative stay far away in Karangasem City.

For her daily needs she gets help from some neighbors.

Please make a donation for Nengah Bunter.

How to Donate:

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Soul Bali Charity is a local NGO that care about the people with culture “social charitable non profit”.

SOUL BALI CHARITY target is to guarantee the DONATUR who give any donations is directed correctly to the people who really need the donations, to be honest, and based on the regulations of the Organization and Government’s regulations.

We accept the donations in cash money and goods.

The Donations target are for :

1.A very old people who really all alone in the world with very poor economical situations;
we will help them for home renovations and the equipments.

2.Students with minimum facilities.

3.Clean water for a small village/poor village.

4.Foods and goods for poor people.